Organisers and Venue of Cambridge Literary Festival

Cambridge Literary Festival is among the most popular literary festivals in the United Kingdom. Established as part of an effort to provide easier access to the University of Cambridge rich literary resources and history, the event has become a fixture in the country’s festival circuit. However, who are the people behind the event?


Organisers of Cambridge Literary Festival

The festival receives no public support, and as such, relies heavily on the ticket sales and financial support from benefactors and patrons, as well as a small team of dedicated employees.

  • Cathy Moore, Festival Director

    Cathy Moore is the founder of the festival, and has served as its director since the first festival in 2003. Ms. Moore is a former student of Cambridge and graduated with a B.A. in History. Prior to establishing the festival, she spent about a decade in the book publishing and distribution industry.

  • Katie Edwards, Festival Manager

    A graduate of University of London, Ms. Edwards has been with the organisation since 2017.

  • Sian Reid, Chair of the Festival Board

    Ms. Reid has extensive working experience in the public and private sector, and once served as UK’s delegate Council of Europe’s local government arm as well as the spokesperson for the Council of European Municipalities and Regions.

Venues for Cambridge Literary Festival

Bar a few exceptions, the events for the festival are usually held inside or near to the university itself. We’ve compiled below some of the most common venues used for readings, workshops, lectures and discussions during the festival.

  • Baillie Gifford Stage

    Baillie Gifford is an international investment behemoth with over £123 billion of assets under its management. As part of the company’s Literary Festival Sponsorship Programme, they have allowed the organisers to use their facilities for various events in the festival.

  • Palmerston Room

    Situated inside the campus in St. John’s College, Palmerston Room is a spacious training facility with a capacity of 250 pax. St. John’s College in the University of Cambridge. Image courtesy of Jean-Christophe Benoist

  • McCrum Lecture Theatre

    McCrum is an elegant conference hall situated in Cambridge’s Corpus Christi College with a capacity of 150 pax, replete with integrated audio visual equipment and a stylish foyer area.

  • Babbage Lecture Theatre

    Located next to the David Attenborough Building, Babbage Lecture Theatre offers a full university experience with tiered seating. The front area is spacious enough for a large group of speakers, or a very animated one.